Rentals & Property Management
During the past ten years over 75,000 prospective real estate buyers have stayed in Gwin managed condos and homes.
Our Property Management and Rentals division is the largest in Cumberland County and the surrounding area.
Today’s renters are tomorrow’s buyers.
We work closely with our renters to help them find their dream home.
Each year we accommodate over 2,000 golfers, vacationing families and visitors who are checking out our area.

Various Promotions to Encourage New-Buyer Visits
Frances Anne GWIN REALTY LLC’s marketing program is developed to bring more buyers to our sellers.
Many of our visitors stay in our rental units and purchase their home through Frances Anne GWIN REALTY LLC.

"Where To Retire" Magazine
Frances Anne GWIN REALTY LLC advertises in nationally circulated magazine to bring buyers to you.

Trade Shows
We attend trade shows in Florida and the Northeast to bring potential buyers to our area.

On Our Website
We feature your property on our Website. Visit Our Listings to preview how we present our property listings.

Homes Magazine, Local Newspaper, Homes and Land
We provide your property with continuous exposure through newsprint, listings publications, MLS listing, yard sign and lockbox.

Frances Anne GWIN REALTY LLC is a Member of the Knoxville Association of Realtors.