Our Realtors

For generations, people have turned to Better Homes & Gardens for guidance on how to live the lives of their dreams. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gwin Realty is here to help you find the perfect home in which to bring those dreams to life - as we have been for over 30 years.

Liz Musial, Realtor

Liz Musial - Gwin Realty Realtor

Maggie McHugh, Associate Broker

Maggie McHugh - Gwin Realty Realtor

Keith Moerdyk, Realtor

Meith Moerdyk - Gwin Realty

Terry McClellan, Realtor

Terry McClellan - Gwin Realty

Mike Albin, Realtor

Mike Albin - Gwin Realty

Shelley Zelling, Realtor

Shelley Zelling - Gwin Realty

Genelle Thomas, Realtor

Genelle Thomas - Gwin Realty

Jeff Cooper, Realtor

Jeff Cooper - Gwin Realty

David LaFerney, Realtor

David LaFerney - Gwin Realty

Jill Barnes, Realtor

Jill Barnes

Mary Helen McHugh, Broker/Owner

Mary-Helen McHugh - Gwin Realty


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